A roof to a house is like skin to a face. A clean roof says a great deal about a property. It’s a statement of pride in your house. If you’re selling or thinking of selling your house just remember – FIRST IMPRESSIONS COUNT! So not only helping to increase the value of your property a clean roof helps your health. Apart from being unsightly, mould and mildew are toxic for you and the environment. Over time it encourages rust, reduces the structural integrity and generally leads to a state of neglect and disrepair.


Gutter Cleaning:

Clean gutters significantly increases the life of your gutters as there’s no build up of leaves and muck that break down in the gutters causing blockages, rust and putrid water.

A blocked or full gutter can easily overflow back into your house, in some cases causing considerable damage.

Water runs freely through your gutters enabling you to harvest every precious drop.

Cleaning gutters is a dangerous pastime and should be left to Lord Muck who is fully insured, OH&S compliant and height safety certified providing you with peace-of-mind knowing that the job will be done professionally.

Lord Muck will also report to you on the state of your roof and gutters and advise you about an appropriate gutter guard for your situation



Remove unsightly mould, mildew and spider webs without damaging the paint. Clients are always so surprised at how good the end result looks – like it’s just been painted!




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