Leaf Free Gutter Guard Installation:                


An effective gutter guard such as Leaf Free Gutter Guard is essential if you

        a) harvest your water,

        b) live amongst trees,

        c) can’t clean them regularly yourself,

        d) want to avoid flood damage from blocked gutters and

        e) want to avoid a fire risk


Choose a product that has a fine metal mesh, is very strong, won’t distort, is fire proof, has a 15-20 year written warranty, is Australian made and is installed by someone local and experienced who knows what they’re doing. Lord Muck can provide this and offer sound, common sense, experienced free advice on your unique situation at the quote stage.


Maintenance is easiest to do on the Leaf Free range because you can   

        a) see through it easily; and

        b) you can pressure clean straight through it causing absolutely no damage to the gutter guard.


Cleaning with Leaf Free Gutter Guard is a simple, quick ‘n easy job. Not so with other products where you have to unscrew it or dismantle it to clean the gutter because you can’t see through it.



For further information on Leaf Free Gutter Guard click on the attached link:     http://www.leaffree.com.au/ 



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